General Civil Work

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  • Earthwork : Open Excavation, Deep Excavation with Shuttering
  • Form, Shuttering & Scaffolding
  • Precasting & Lifting Work
  • Subaqueous Excavation and Installation
  • Sheet Piling & Shoring
  • Dewatering : Bailing-out, Well Point, Deep Well
  • Concrete Work
  • Marine Installation using Crane & Barge
  • Pipe Laying Work (Dry and Wet)
  • Ground Reinforcing with Various Technologies etc.

Plant Civil Work

Country UAE
Project Mirfa IWPP Project
Client Mirfa IWPP
Main Contractor HEC
Original Design Pile foundation for power block (CCPP)
Alternative Excavation and Replacement weak soil up to approx.. 4m depth
Outcome Cost Saving, Schedule Shortening

Sea Water Intake System


Based on 30 years EPC experiences, we are pursuing to provide “Design Build Solution” to Customer with “Value Engineering” which will bring benefit to all concerned parties.

The solution will be “Cost Save”, “Improve Constructability” & “Better Fit for Purpose”.

We provide A to Z, i.e. Planning, Basic & Detail Design, Client Approval, Project Implementation till Flooding into System.

Scope of work could be entire extent, i.e. from “Offshore Intake” to “Outfall at Sea”.

Jetty Work

  • Piling

  • Erection of PC units

  • Erection of module and jetty top equipment


We undertake completed Jetty Work from “Pile Driving ~ Precast Unit Lifting ~ Concreting ~ Module Erection ~ Loading Arm Erection”

Above work is based on collaboration of “Marine Fleets, Concrete Work & Lifting Work with Large Capacity Crane”

Offshore Wind Farm

  • Monopile / Jacket Pile Driving

  • Lifting and Erection of Jacket/Foundation

  • Lifting & Erection of Tower, Nacelle, Blade, Generator, Substation etc.


We undertake installation of entire offshore wind turbine project

The work covers from “Pile Driving ~ Jacket/Foundation Installation ~ Erection of Tower, Nacelle, Blades, Generator and Substation etc.”

Above work is based on collaboration of “Marine Fleets, Fabricator, Foundation Work & Lifting Work with Large Capacity Crane”